Forty Hall 20th May 2017

Jaytalks can offer your group, society or association a 60 minute illustrated presentation on a variety of topics covering local history in Enfield and Central London. All equipment supplied by Jaywalks

Here’s some topics we’ve delivered talks on over the last couple of years

Treason Plots and Murder
The 17th century saw half a dozen plots against the Stuart dynasty, many of them had local connections. This talk looks at how events and personalities in enfield impinged on these conspiracies.

Henrietta Cresswell’s Winchmore Hill
A surprising amount of the little winifred’s “lost village” remains. With the help of old photos and Henrietta’s book we can recreate pre-railway Winchmore Hill and its fascinating characters.

Markets, Fairs and Festivals of Enfield
The history of the markets and festivals we still enjoy today are included in tonight’s talk. We also discover the “enfield bonfire boys” and “the cheese fair” and how enfield drew 1000’s to its pageants and marts.

Elizabeth’s Gentlemen
Elizabethan Edmonton and Enfield had some very influential citizens. We uncover a selection that would have been known personally to the virgin queen for good or ill.

A Spoonful of Sugar
From Pest House to North Middlesex hospital this presentation looks at the development of the health service in Enfield.

A walk down Fleet Street
A virtual walk down the street of ink recalling the personalities and architecture that was once the centre of the newspaper industry.

Lord Mayors and Liveries
A history of the guilds of the city of London from their beginnings as craft mysteries through to their development as powerful merchants controlling trade in London.

Samuel Pepys
Pepys had first hand experience of the regicide of Charles 1st, civil war, the restoration of Charles 2nd, The Great Plague and The Great Fire of London. He also survived an operation that would have killed a lesser man, re-organised the navy and avoided execution for treason when others weren’t so fortunate.

The Strange Case of Elizabeth Canning
The great mystery of mid 18th century that captured the attention of henry fielding and the great and good of enfield. A young girl disappears for a month claiming to be held at ordnance road. To this day we don’t know what happened to her. But we can speculate.

City Gardens and Open Spaces
The Corporation of London claims to have 200 squares, piazzas, churchyards and pocket parks in the square mile. This talk traces the history of city gardens and presents a selection of current spaces that provide refuge to the workers in the financial sector.

Enfield Literati
Charles Lamb and John Keats are now considered giants in the world of words and poetry. But both their lives were plagued by tragedy. The knew both Enfield and Edmonton well enough for us to consider them our sons.

The Lost Buildings of Edmonton
Pymmes, Weir Hall, Bury Lodge & The Empire on the Hill are just some of the buildings that disappeared in the last century that conservationist what have fought tooth & nail to save today.

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